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International road freight and spedition

The Bulgarian Truck Transport Company performs international transport, forwarding and spedition services since 1997. In these ten years, in hardly competitive environment we succeeded to safe our good quality and to earn many new friends.

We developed our business, we earned a precious experience and we do not stop to reinvest our incomes back to our vehicles and our staff.

Our trucks and vans are variable with size and type, from prestigious manufacturers, covering the high ecological and safety standards.

The supervisor of all our vehicles in motion is qualified and trained to cover all possible questions about every load, with care of the customers and the low.

The staff of professional drivers is carefully selected, in the most case speaking English or other foreign languages. The drivers are always ready to cooperate with the continuous freight between Bulgaria and Europe.

The packers and movers staff is also with good professional skills, well paid, and the workers are ready to take care of all tasks almost with no exception.

The packing materials carry the company’s trade mark logo, so we guarantee, that everything, that is prepared, packed, removed and transported by our company will be accepted by the customer in good condition.

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latest news

  • 10.09.2015

    Because of the complicated refugee situation, the truck transport through Hungary and Austria will be hardened in the near future. Because of the strong checkouts of all trucks that can fit refugees inside, there are traffic jams up to 20 kilometers.

  • 09.09.2015

    All trucks performing truck transport Bulgaria – England and England – Bulgaria must meet new requirements in charge since 01. 09. 2015. The new requirements affect vehicles with total weight over 3.5 tones that enter the low emission zones in London. The new requirements are mainly two: equipment with new side mirrors class V and VI, which allow better visibility for pedestrians and bikers around the vehicle. The second is special equipment which prevents eventual dragging of bikers under the wheels of the vehicles.

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