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A Bulgarian transport company for international transport, forwarding services; international spedition, truck and cargo agent on all destinations between Bulgaria and Europe - Bulgarian Truck Transport Company, presenting over ten years on the transport market and the freights to and from Bulgaria.

We suggest weekly fast and safe low cost freight truck transport on one or both sides of cargos on the main European destinations and truck transport routes: Bulgaria- UK (England, Scotland, Wales) , Bulgaria- Spain, Bulgaria- Belgium, Bulgaria- Germany, Bulgaria- Netherlands, Bulgaria- France, Bulgaria- Italy; Bulgaria- Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia; Bulgaria- Greece, Bulgaria- Austria, Bulgaria- Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria- Poland, Bulgaria- Swiss, Bulgaria- Czech Republic, Bulgaria- Slovakia, Bulgaria- Portugal, Bulgaria- Hungary, Bulgaria- Romania and all countries on these destinations.

Our company operates with a varied vehicle capacity, also with some transport and forwarding companies, so we can perform a transport even to not so popular destinations.

The continuous monitoring of our vehicles assures your comfort and on- time information about your load in every point of the route. All freights moved by our vehicles have Cargo insurance.

cargo services

  • International freight truck transport between Bulgaria and Europe.
  • Spedition, forwarding and intercession.
  • Packing and transport of household goods.
  • Removal of personal effects from Europe to Bulgaria.
  • Storage of goods and loads in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Groupage services.
  • Free advice with phone call.


express removals

latest news

  • 10.09.2015

    Because of the complicated refugee situation, the truck transport through Hungary and Austria will be hardened in the near future. Because of the strong checkouts of all trucks that can fit refugees inside, there are traffic jams up to 20 kilometers.

  • 09.09.2015

    All trucks performing truck transport Bulgaria – England and England – Bulgaria must meet new requirements in charge since 01. 09. 2015. The new requirements affect vehicles with total weight over 3.5 tones that enter the low emission zones in London. The new requirements are mainly two: equipment with new side mirrors class V and VI, which allow better visibility for pedestrians and bikers around the vehicle. The second is special equipment which prevents eventual dragging of bikers under the wheels of the vehicles.

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